Pidurangala archaeological site is not so commonly visited place. The gravel road by the Sigiriya leads you to Pidurangala. You can follow the Archilogical department name road and need to travel around 2 km. History of Pidurangala flows beyond the 1 & 2 century B.C. Pidurangala was used as a Monastery from those days. But this place becomes a prominent Biddhist Monastery during the King Kasyapa time (477 - 495 AC). Some believe that Sigiriaya also a Buddhist monastery before the King Kasyapa time. Once he decided to build his fortress in Sigiriya, he requested the monk to move to Pidurangala and had contributed lot for the development of it. It is believed that the "Uppalavanna Kashyapa Giri Viharaya" which was constructed by King Kashyapa was located in the Pidurangala.