Visit Galle fort & Mirissa beach.


Galle Fort.
Stilt Fishing at Kokgala.
Kosgoda Sea Turtle Hatchery.
Toddy Tapping at Beruwala.

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In the morning, leave for Galle, en-route visiting a mask factory. Galle is the most important town of southern Sri Lanka. In 1587, the Portuguese built its first fortress in Galle naming it “Santacrusz”. Its old-world charm appeals as a tourist destination. Today, Galle stands as a classical example of 500 years of nurture under Sinhala, Portuguese, Dutch and British stewardship. Galle fort is a “World Heritage Site” in which the central city is contained. However, the city may be much older. Some scholars believe it to be the “Tar shish” of the Old Testament, to which King Solomon sent his merchant vessels, and to which Jonah fled from the Lord. Today, the 90-acre Galle Fort shows no evidence of the Portuguese founders. The Dutch incorporated the Portuguese northern wall in a great rampart in 1663. A second, taller wall was built inside of it. Between the two walls, a covered passage connected the central bastion with the Fort’s two half bastions overlooking the sea. The Dutch also installed a sophisticated drainage system, complete with brick-lined underground sewers that were flushed twice a day by the high and low tides. The original gate to the fort was by the harbour. It is still there, marked by the British Coat-of-arms on the front and the Dutch V.O.C. (Vereenigde Oost Indische Compagnie) with the Coat-of-arms with a rooster crest, on the inner side of the Fort. On your way back, visit a Turtle Hatchery and the probably the world’s biggest Moonstone Mine in Meethiyagoda. Moonstone is found concentrated within an acre of land believed to have been blessed by the moon. The moonstone is a semi-precious gem found in Sri Lanka that possesses unique qualities relating to the moon. Return to hotel to end this day tour.
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