Adams Peak

Adam’s Peak

The tourists from the various corner of the world ascend the mountain for two phenomenal purposes. One is to worship the footprint and the other is to observe the effulgence of the rising sun. on the way, you will pass through magnificent scenery’s and will get a real experience of hill climbing adventure from Delhouse. Adam’s Peak is a sacred mountain, famous as a goal of pilgrimage for Buddhists, Hindus, and Muslims. On its summit is a large flat rock that bears the impression of a gigantic (c.10 sq ft/.93 sq m) human foot. This Holy Mountain has been venerated by all faiths and countless pilgrims have climbed up 7,600 feet to its summit, since the 11th century. Buddhists believe the holy footprint at its summit to be that of the Buddha himself. To Hindus it is the footprint of Lord Shiva. Muslims believe it to be the place where Adam first set foot on earth and many Roman Catholics say the footprint impressed in the boulder is that of St. Thomas, the early Christian apostle, who preached in South India.

History and Importance

Buddhist pilgrims climb the 2245m (7242ft) high mountain to honour the legendary footprint of Buddha. Approx. 300,000 pilgrims visit this place a year. Sri Pada means “holy footprint”. To the Hindus the mountain is holy for another reason: they call it ” Shivas Peak “. Christians from the old Indian Church think that the apostle Thomas have lived there during his mission in India, and the Muslims call it “Adam’s Peak” and interpret the footprints as those of the first man. In the history of religions, Sri Pada is a holy mountain of classic importance.

Pilgrimage Season

The pilgrimage season is from poya day in December and until May – most busy in January and February. You can go at other times, but the mountain is usually included in clouds and it can be a wet experience to climb.