Prior to boarding, travelers are required to

a. Have a valid tourist visa before boarding flight. All visas must be applied online. Visit
b. Before applying for visa, ensure you have the following.
i. A pre-confirmed booking at a Level 1 ‘Safe & Secure Certified’ hotel/s for up to 15 days depending on the duration of your
stay and vaccination status. Hotel booking/s could be made directly with the hotel or through ‘Safe & Secure’ certified
travel Agent or OTA. Visitors allowed moving within L1 hotels and using all facilities of the hotel upon the negative on
arrival PCR. Please visit
ii. Pay to hotel or Travel agent for the mandatory COVID-19 local travel insurance cover at USD 12 for a policy of USD
50,000 for a period of one month (including children below 2 years).
iii. Pay to hotel or Travel agent for PCR tests (USD 40 per PCR test) depending on the status of your vaccination.
(Refer table 1 below).
c. Have negative PCR test done within 72 hours before boarding flight (including children below 2 years).

Airport transfers to be arranged by either the respective Certified Safe & Secure L1 hotel or Certified Safe & Secure travel agent.
All travelers should undergo On Arrival (Day One) COVID-19 PCR tests;
• Children between 2- 12 years of age will be exempted from On Arrival (Day One) PCR testing if they are coming under
non-vaccinated route.
• Children below 2 years are exempted from PCR testing. However, if the parents/guardians develop symptoms or result in
positive PCR test reports, children will undergo PCR tests.